Image By Jan Marquez

Meet NBDY, The Arista Records Signee Who’s Quickly Securing His R&B Title

Don’t get it twisted, NBDY is, in fact, somebody and more. Hailing from New Jersey and raised by his self-taught musical family, the self-proclaimed middle child has paved his way to reach his own success. Since dropping his beloved single, “Used To”, followed by his truth-ridden “Admissions” (a painful recalling of his ex who cheated on him), NBDY (pronounced ‘nobody’) is about to be a memorable act and remember, I told you so.

“Ain’t block you so you could see me winning. Don’t forget it.”

– “Admissions.”

I was privileged enough to see NBDY perform at The Drake Underground in Toronto for his first-ever tour opening for Arin Ray. It was easy to see how much music transforms him, taking over him the same way an artist may hold a paintbrush to create a masterpiece on canvas – for NBDY his paintbrush is a mic. From the first impression, you’d think he’s been touring for a few years with how interactive and comfortable he is with the crowd; jumping off the stage and serenading the beautiful women watching with their twinkling eyes. I even witnessed a fan approach him asking him to send a personalized video to a friend all the way from London, UK who was sad she missed his show. Instead of stepping backstage after his set, NBDY held conversations with his fans and new followers, something that may be very hard to do once he becomes a chart-topping act.

Image By Jan Marquez
Image By Jan Marquez

NBDY’s upcoming EP (that I was lucky enough to get a listen to) will be the most real, personal, ‘from the heart’ sounds he’s ever released. It will reflect his maturity out of the past situation he sings about on his hit “Admissions.”

“The first project is the admissions of everything I’ve never said before,” he said. The depths and levels NBDY reaches with his music is something that will be a refreshing addition to the already existing singers on the scene.

More recently, I caught up with NBDY during one of his studio sessions in Toronto’s east end. He explained to me just why he considers J. Cole to be the GOAT of this generation: because he delivers music that’s honest, relatable and truthful to the masses – something NBDY is clearly picking up on.

He started doing music when was just 17, growing up in a home with a mother who used to play greats like Whitney Houston. At the time, he never imagined that he would be a singer too. “I have a big family so it was kind of hard to stand out,” he explained. One of his earliest memories at a studio was when he was about four-years-old, and his dad was signing a record deal with RCA – he remembers because it was around the same time singer Mya dropped her 2000s track “The Best Of Me.” He told me that he had never imagined that he would be in the same position as his dad and now many years later (on September 17th to be exact) NBDY signed to Arista Records – the same label that legends such as Outkast, Prince, TLC, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and more call/ed their label as well.

Image By Jan Marquez
Image By Jan Marquez

The day he joined Arista, it left him speechless. “It didn’t feel real,” he said of the signing, describing how the label had such a positive embrace, specifically from the President and CEO, David Massey. “I always felt like if I showed someone my talents they wouldn’t think I’m good enough,” he added. Clearly, David saw the talent.

And I been feelin’ so down when I lay down the only time I’m looking up.

– “Used To

Despite the nature of the heartbreak and sad emotions NBDY depicts in his music, he is quite easily one of the most positive people you can meet. “I stay positive by talking about things I go through. And the way that I do it…that’s what makes me happy,” he said.

I asked NBDY one of the most generic questions every artist must get asked: “Who is your dream collaboration?” His answer was plain and simple and without hesitation.” Right now I’d say H.E.R.,” he said. “She’s everything an artist should be in this age… There’s a lot of people that’s doing it right and well but she has a team that’s really strong,” he added. “She gets to showcase her talent so effortlessly and I think that’s so dope. She’s in a position right now where a lot of us are trying to get.”

On the topic of who he considers to be the most underrated artist, NBDY’s first response was “there’s a lot .“ I quickly reminded him that we know that, and to name someone specifically. He took the opportunity to name out his crew that accompanied him in the studio, Lou Val, The 25th Hour, and Robeau – bigging up the people who he surrounds himself with.

Image By Jan Marquez
Image By Jan Marquez

“I really respect K. Forrest, I really respect Lou Val as well. In the states we trying to get more respect on his name all the time,” he said. “It’s dope to see everyone’s journey as you making these connections – I’m a fan,” he explained, pointing at his studio crew. “Like I said, I’m happy, I’m positive… I want to inspire people, I feel like your energy has to be clean. I respect people who are real as fuck, they always say the realest people curse a lot.”

The idea that this is just the beginning for NBDY is everything. He’s secured a loyal following, has a smooth tongue and promising career path that will make his name recognizable to many.

Stay updated with NBDY on Twitter & Instagram.


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