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Moe Is The Artist Who Draws Portraits Of Rappers Because It Makes Her Happy

Moe (A.K.A @danierruu_) is “that girl that draws the most realistic portraits of your favourite artist.” That’s literally how I described her to a friend the other day. Her work popped up on my feed months ago and after following her on Instagram, and seeing her rise to over 7K followers in a matter of days, I only found it necessary to know why Lil Peep, Tyler, The Creator and Childish Gambino are her sketches of choice.
What city do you call home?

I live in Cornwall, a county in South West England that only has one city. So I guess Truro would have to be the city I call home.

Do you remember your first ever drawing? If so, what was it of?

I don’t remember my first EVER drawing but I remember when I was around four I used to steal greaseproof paper out of the kitchen and draw over pictures of fish from an ocean encyclopedia my dad had. I always got told I was good at drawing and I had “talent” like my mum.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Your mom was an artist also? Was she around to teach you skills or do you remember any specific techniques from her?

I’ve never really seen her draw, I’ve only seen a couple of her old drawings (pencil) but they are phenomenal. My grandparents, my dad, and even her friends always talk about how I have the same talent as her and how I shouldn’t make the same mistake by not pursuing art.

I never really got taught anything about drawing from my parents nor school and college, I always struggled with being imaginative so I always stuck to drawing objects in front of me or pictures from books. Even when I was terrible at drawing I was always encouraged by my family and I think that helped me a lot.
How do you decide who to draw?

I pretty much draw anyone that makes me happy or someone who I see makes a lot of other people happy.

Have any of the artists you’ve drawn show appreciation?

Loads of people I’ve drawn from Post Malone to Lil Peep to Ghostemane have seen/re-tweeted my art. Lil Peep was the first person to share my art, then Post Malone which gave me a LOT of exposure which was when I thought maybe I could go far with art. I only really draw to inspire, but my only goal really is to have $uicideBoy$ see my art.

I’ve been following you on Instagram since you had 2k followers to now over 7K. With love comes trolls, and you’ve posted on some shady comments. How do you handle the haters and what have you learned from them?

The people that think I’m a fake or fraud or whatever; it obviously pisses me off. I’ve found out a lot of people don’t even want to be proven wrong (I link live streams of me drawing without tracing and whatever and they still ignore it and are SURE I’m using photoshop filters) – they just aim to make me unhappy. So I troll them back, I have a lot of spare time so I like to wind stubborn people up. It’s probably not the most sensible way of dealing with it but I find it entertaining. Also, why would it take me 40 hours to apply a Photoshop filter or trace a photo I don’t understand?

Image via Instagram
Images via Instagram
Do you have any exciting collaborations in the works?

I’ve never even thought about a collaboration but I think King Jediah would be cool to make art with, seeing as we have sort of similar music tastes and his art is just sick.

Who or what are your biggest influences?

I started doing digital portraits in September 2017 because at the time I was very unhappy with where I was – hadn’t stepped outdoors in six weeks. At the time I was really into Lil Peep and he was/will always be my idol and influence to create. So I drew him as a way to say thank you for making me happy. After he retweeted it, shared it on his own Instagram I promised myself I’d never stop drawing.

Who are your favourite musical artists?

My favourite musical artists currently are $uicideBoy$, Yung Lean, Mac DeMarco and Black Sabbath. Which I guess is a kind of weird selection but they seem to make a lot of sense to me.

If you could do anything with your talent of drawing what would it be?
If I could do anything with my art it’d probably be to go more into album covers and tattoos. Like timeless pieces, things that might mean the world to someone and nothing to someone else.
I like the idea of permanence as opposed to just a poster on a wall that you’ll get sick of and replace when you grow up.
Can you give us a hint on who you’re set to draw next?
I’m working on a drawing of Ski Mask The Slump God right now, alongside a few commissions. I really want to one day draw Yung Lean or OutKast even though I’m not sure it’d get the same reaction as my other drawings.

Shop Moe’s work here.


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