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10 Female Artists To Stream For International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is dedicated to the females. The badass ladies who’ve fought for their own and support their lady friends without judgment or jealousy. If you’re trying to stick the motto and listen to as many female artists as you can today, then I’m here to help.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 women who are making waves with their music and deserve recognition for pursuing an industry that is male-dominated. For putting out sick beats and adding some smooth lyrics that beg to be repeated.

It wasn’t easy choosing just 10 Soundcloud babes, but these ladies right here have grabbed my attention and I couldn’t pause them away. You may know a few or all, or you may leave with a new favourite.

So check the list and hug a female today – if she gives you permission.

Amber Mark

I came across Amber Mark over a year ago when her track “Lose My Cool” was played on my Soundcloud feed and I added her to all my streaming platforms right away. The song comes from her 2017 album 3:33am. Her latest release is “Love Me Right” that is also just as noteworthy.


This former Vine Princess – seriously she was famous on the video app Vine – has come a long way from her six second videos. She’s described herself as very shy and said the app was a way for her to express herself. Now that the app is gone, music is her new stage.

Shay Lia

Miss Shay Lia is by no means really ‘underground.’ Her and Kaytranada have made a number of fire tracks in the past. When I thought of making a list of fire females, she popped up right away. Listen to one of my favourite short-yet-sweet songs below.


I only recently came across the Australian songstress that is Akacia but she’s something wonderful. If you like Banks, you’re set to have another favourite.


I’ll be honest, when I first heard Nicotine I was going to hit next – maybe it was the one song. But for some reason, I decided to explore her other tracks and now here she is on this list. She’s from Houston, Texas and her sound has a very mature tone that begs to be listened to.

“Music is and has always been my safe haven,” she told R9. “There are times when I honestly feel as if I have nothing and nobody at all, but the simple reminder that I have music is what has kept me going.”


You know those songs you come across or hear for the first time and you end up playing it on repeat all day? That is what Ayelle’s track “Boy” did to me. This is nice and I hope you like it too.


If this list was more A-list artist focused, Jorja Smith would be one here more than twice. Since I’m focusing on more low-key artists that are bound to reach Jorja’s success, Mahalia is here. So if you like Jorja, listen to this U.K. babe.

Dizzy Fae

I met Dizzy Fae over a year ago and it wasn’t until a few months after that I realized it was her singing on one of my favorite songs. She’s featured on this beat by Su Na but “Complexion” is just the smoothest tune that can get you ready to explore her solo catalogue.


This New York City-based singer is another female that popped up on my feed that deserves some recognition. Her track “I Won’t Mind” doesn’t come off her latest EP Shanti but it’s one of my faves from her Soundcloud offerings.


This Toronto creator/singer/songwriter/DJ released her debut EP, Ca:Da, last year and my favourite song from the 10-track tape is without a doubt “Pride.” She’s only getting started in terms of her solo musical career so familiarize yourself with her tunes.


Listen to all the tracks in one convenient place below.


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