Sango & Xavier Omär Debut “Sweet Holy Honey”

The Seattle-based hitmaker, Sango, has dropped the video for Sweet Holy Honey just in time for the weekend. This R&B track is another notable collaboration from Sango and Xavier Omär (previously known as SPZRKT). The smooth vocals of Antonio-local singer, Omär, mixed with the uptempo beat are perfectly paired with the visuals where Sango takes us on a quest through a mystical forest to pursue an angelic female figure. Sango takes a pause as the synth joins the hook, as he reflects on the surrounding nature and enjoys the nurturing power of women.

Sango previously shared with fans that the concept behind the vocals and visuals “stems from cherishing the existence of women and the gift they bring to the world.” The video, which was directed by Jonathan Salmon, lives up to Sango’s vision and definitely gives us all the feels! This song is set to be the lead single on the forthcoming LP from Sango, In the Comfort Of, which is due for release on March 16.

Check out the tracklist and video below.

1. His Name
2. Life Without God Is Nothing
3. Mateo 2.19 (feat. Romaro Franceswa & Dave B)
4. Speak
5. One More Thing
6. Dance for Blessings
7. Twogether (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
8. Chemistry (feat. JMSN)
9. Khlorine (feat. Smino)
10. Rude (feat. Jean Deaux)
11. Sweet Holy Honey (feat. Xavier Omär)
12. On Me (feat. Jon Bap)
13. When I’m Around You (feat. Naji)
14. Light-Skinned (feat. midnight)
15. Implications
16. Changing Channels (feat. James Vincent McMorrow)
17. Comfortable (feat. Ryan Ashley)



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