Ferraro: “This Was The First Band We Played Together In, While Other Things Have Fizzled Out This Was Here”

The three-piece boy band, and brotherly trio, kicked off the 2017 NXNE Music Festival, getting things started for the three-days composed of a stellar line-up of artists and no shortage of entertainment. The up-and-coming dynasty are no strangers when it comes to music making and are the essence of a live performance. With the legendary Cameron House as a family-owned venue, the brothers have witnessed countless remarkable acts that have led to inspiring who they are musically. They’ve already taken the stage with Sam Roberts Band, where opening for their “heroes” signifies just how far the brothers have come and offers a glimpse into where they will surely rise to.

Check out an exclusive chat with Ferraro and get acquainted with the trio that are sure to known by all.

By Arianna Cannarozzo

I think that we’ll start this off with me asking if there’s anything you guys wanted to say right off the bat? Introduce yourselves!

Gianni: Hi, I’m Gianni Ferraro and I’m the drummer.

Cosmo: I’m Cosmo Ferraro, I play guitar.

Tally: Tally Ferraro, and I play the bass!

Cosmo: And we creatively named our band Ferraro, and now you know why.

So, you guys obviously grew up here, at the legendary Cameron House. How do you think being a part of this culture has affected you and your music?

Cosmo: Uh, I think it’s what probably made us decide to take this seriously. We’ve learned instruments at a young age, and we played in the basement together, jammed and stuff.

It wasn’t until we were submersed in this environment – seeing bands every single day, meeting them and collaborating with them – that we decided that we could take this seriously.

Tally: Yeah, I would agree with that. Just talking to people who are musicians and actively doing this as a full-time job; it makes you realize what it takes, and kind of… if that’s what you’re interested in, it makes you want to do that as well. It’s pretty inspiring to see people who are working towards that.

Was there one moment or one performance that made you realize “this is exactly what I want to do”?

Gianni: There were a lot of those moments; it wasn’t specifically one band. Run With Kittens was one of the first bands I saw here (at Cameron House) that really blew me away. Also, Kevin Quain… so I wouldn’t say there was just one moment that gave that feeling.

Tally: I would say that seeing shows has that effect more than talking to people. Sometimes you see a show you want to go home and start practicing right away.

Cosmo: I mean, it can be overwhelming to see this much music and this many talented people, and not always getting the recognition they deserve. At the same time, you start to realize the same people you saw on this stage three or four years ago, are now some of the top bands. It’s a smaller community than you realize… it’s showing that you can do this and we’re on the right path, with the right crowds, and doing the right things.

Gianni: Yeah and sometimes it’s good to see the bands that have been up here forever and don’t even care. They just like doing what they’re doing and this is great for them. Just playing the music for the people.

Your self-described as being modern but inspired by the ‘50s, but are there any other genres you guys want to explore or look at when making your own music?

Cosmo: It’s possible, we never decided to be ‘50s-inspired, it kind of just happened. Maybe next album other genres will come out; I don’t really know.

Tally: Yeah, it has always just been what we listen to… we grew up on that music so it came out when we started writing our own songs. I guess it could change if you start listening to different things. Your taste expands and so could your writing.

Cosmo: A good band progresses and slightly alters their sound year to year, as they grow and find new influences. It can’t help but shape what they’re doing.

Are you guys writing anything new right now?

Tally: Yep! We’re working on some new demos, we’ve got a few new tunes in the works.

Was it always the plan for the three of you to form a band?

Gianni: Not necessarily, we had all played with different bands before. We had sort of always had this going on that the same time.

This was the first band we played together in, and while other things have fizzled out, this was here.

I listened your debut album Losing Sleep. How was the process of making that album?

Tally: The process was a pretty long one for us. I think it was over full year from the day we started recording to when it was out. Um, we recorded 90% of the record then kind of stopped because we weren’t fully happy with it. We ended up going back over all the songs and even recorded a full new one because we felt it had a place on the record. It was a good learning experience for us. It took a while but we got to a point where we were happy with it. I think that’s what you’ve got to do it you’re not happy with what you’re putting out.

Cosmo: I wish I could say it was an easy process, but it wasn’t. We learned a lot, I’ll put it that way.

We made some mistakes but I think it made us better off… ready for the next one. Getting so far and realizing we weren’t happy, and going back to redo a lot of it, was the right decision.

What’s the most amazing, crazy or wonderful thing you guys have done since starting Ferraro? What are you most proud of?

Cosmo: We have always been big fans of Sam Roberts Band, and we’ve got to open for them a few times. Getting to share the stage with them, seeing how they operate, and what their process is. Joining your heroes, almost as equals, is definitely a big checkmark on the bucket list for me!

Tally: I would say putting out the record. Getting a full-length record out with all original songs, is a big step.

Gianni: What am I most proud of? Hmm… nothing big yet.

 Let’s say you guys have a day off, no responsibilities. What would you be doing?

Cosmo: Mini-putt! We had a pretty epic mini-putt game on tour, where we bet things… mostly who has to drive the car. That was pretty sweet, Tal lost. An epic 18-hole meltdown.

Gianni: Batting cages?

Tally: Are they all going to be sports related? Sleeping, I’d definitely be eating.

Cosmo: Yeah, sleeping and eating. You know, the bare necessities.


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