By Jodianne Beckford

Leila Dey: “There’s A Beauty In Things Not Being Perfect”

Leila Dey is nothing short of interesting when it comes to learning about everything that makes her who she is musically and personally. The 26-year-old, who was born in Jamaica but grew up in Toronto’s east end, has had some major lows in the past but has risen to her musical ​heights in creating some of her most honest work that can be heard on her latest release ‘Black Bouquet’.

Prior to the release of her studio EP, Leila went through a major re-branding process to benefit her artistic journey. It was during this time th​at her friend Rookz suggested a name change ​where ‘Leila Dey’​ was creatively crafted using the beginning letters of the members in her immediate family.

Shot by Andy Lee Hon Bong

“My mom’s name is Leisa so I took LEI from her name, LA was from my late-sister Latoya, and DEY comes from my brother Dave,” the ​”​Fine By Me” singer explains.
“I’ve always loved the name Leila Dey as my family means a lot to me;​ however,​ after the passing of my sister,​ the name Leila Dey became so much more important”.

As for one of ​the most underrated artists​, Leila considers those like her to be the least talked about.

“I think women in the Toronto R&B music scene don’t get enough support”​, she says. ​Adding that “w​e don’t really have a strong/unified R&B music scene or industry here yet, ​at least not like I see in other cities​, so it may be hard for some artists to get the support they deserve”.

​Other artists currently on Dey’s radar include Desiire, Adria Kain, Faiza and ​Daniel Caesar, all while representing Toronto’s rising women R&B scene. ​

Get a better visual of Leila Dey and learn more about the upcoming singer in her first video feature with somwaba.

*Feature image by Jodianne Beckford / video edited by Kyla Mah


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