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Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Electric Island 2017

By Arianna Cannarozzo

Okay, so you missed this year’s Electric Island season opener… Maybe you aren’t even sure what “EI” is, which is truly a shame. Electric Island is a music festival in Toronto that focuses on dance and electronic-style music. Usually hosted on Toronto’s very own island, this kick-ass music festival is the place to be all summer ‘17; with events starting Victoria Day and ending Labour Day weekend. If you need any more convincing, check out my five reasons why you should be at Electric Island this summer!

  1. Amazing Crowd

This can be said about any festival, but being in a place with a sense of community is the best feeling. Surrounding yourself with people who are truly happy to be where they are creates an unbeatable atmosphere; one you’ll surely find at Electric Island. I met so many amazing and enthusiastic people at the opener. I have never had so many strangers compliment my pants, which is a very welcomed ego boost. Community is essential and this is definitely the place to find it.

Ded Agency
Ded Agency

2.    A Great Starter-Festival

A lot of people are curious about festival season, but don’t know how to participate. Going away to your first music festival can be a lot of work for festival-newbies – making decisions on the how to get there, where to sleep, how much to pack; festivals can be a tricky situation, which is why EI is the perfect starter festival. For those who live in the city or nearby, everything seems to come together pretty quick. There are more options available for every situation. Events are usually only one day, as well, making going home at the end of the night easy as pie.

3.     Dressing up is fun (If you want)

Something I’ve always really appreciated about Electric Island is the diverse, eclectic group of people and what they’re wearing. At a festival, no one will treat you any different if you want to be extra or wear glitter in your hair. Maybe you want to seem more chill? Nowhere better to wear a sweatshirt. Everyone’s got their own style and EI both respects and loves it!

Ded Agency
Ded Agency

4.    Always Something to Eat and Drink

There’s nothing worse than hanging out on a scorching hot day and not being able to find something refreshing to drink or eat. That won’t be an issue of yours at this festival. Everywhere you turn there’s a bar, food truck, or booth. My favourite? Fancy Pufs, a tiny cotton candy cart with all the fixins’…what more could you ask for?

5.    The Music…Obviously

I’m sure this one was a give-in, I mean after all, we are talking about a music festival here. Hanging out with friends, listening to some genuinely great music and enjoying a beautiful summer’s day in Toronto is the absolute best recipe for an amazing time. At Electric Island, you’re getting a smooth blend of alternative, dance, and electronic music. The variety of musicians is even more amazing, featuring sets by both international and Toronto-based artists. The all-around diversity ensures you’ll never be bored and you will definitely go home with great memories and maybe even a few new friends!

Ded Agency
Ded Agency

There’s a million and one reasons to attend this year’s Electric Island Festival, these top 5 are barely scratching the surface. The next event is on Canada Day, so don’t miss out! Have additional reasons why you love Electric Island? Let us know why in the comments below!

*Feature Image by Ded Agency


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