Alberto Jossue: “The Best Thing You Can Do Is Go With What You’re Feeling When It Comes To The Music You Make”

By Arianna Cannarozzo

Age: 33

City: Lima, Peru / Toronto, Canada

Soundcloud: Alberto Jossue

At the end of the month you’ll be performing at Electric Island! I also know you do sets at clubs and other events. How do the experiences differ?

I think every gig is different in many ways. I’ve always considered myself to be a versatile DJ that shines the most in an intimate, small setting. For that reason I enjoy playing festivals a lot; it puts me out of my comfort zone. It demands you to pack an experience in a small amount of time. This year I will be doing a back to back set with Gera, which we have never really done live, and that has me really excited. It’s a new and challenging experience, and I find those to be the ones where the best things happen and I have the most fun.

What would you say is the best part of playing a music festival?

I think for me as a DJ, the best part has to be the preparation and anticipation of commanding the attention of a crowd of that magnitude or even the first 50 people who walk in. The challenge of warming up a stage when it’s daytime, and not super busy yet, alone is a challenge that I enjoy as a DJ. It’s to connect with everyone as they walk in, set the tone, and also leave the music in a place the following act can take off from comfortably for an easy transition. That is my favourite part, obviously outside of getting to spend a day with artists I admire and getting to be a fan at the same time while enjoying great music.

You are often called a storyteller when it comes to music, so how would describe your style/sound?

I don’t believe I have a specific sound because I play a bit of everything, I guess that’s my style.

“I like to think that there is an underlying mood when I play music, and I always try to have a sensual, groovy and emotional underlying tone to the music I mix”.

Those are the feelings electronic music gives me, so I try to replicate that mood in my sets. I believe story telling is important because it creates a cinematic feel to the performance. It takes people through different moods and it creates memorable moments, which is what I think it’s the most valuable thing we all take with us when we leave the dance floor.

As a Toronto-based artist, do you think the city has effected you and your work?

Absolutely, Toronto has been a huge influence on my sound, not just in electronic music but overall. It’s a city that’s known for its multiculturalism and diversity, and with projects like my mixtape series in Godzilla Disco, I explore that diversity by breaking the rule book and not holding back on what music I play; so I try to combine as many genres as I can. I feel the series does well with Toronto because it contains a bit of everything. Toronto is like that, it’s a city where you can go out and listen to jazz, rock, hip hop and it’s been breeding artists in many different genres for the last decade who are seeing a lot of international success in popular music.

After listening to Moon Dance, which you released in 2016, compared to this years releases of Tranquil and Contact, I have to say that the vibe and experiences of the pieces come across as completely different. How has your music developed over time?

I’m a strong believer that as a producer the best thing you can do is go with what you’re feeling when it comes to the music you make. Putting out music regularly, in my opinion, is the best way to show progress and evolution to the listener.

“I think there’s too much focus on having an identity, a sound, and a look in our industry nowadays”.

I try to make the music I feel at the moment, and worry about what genre or sound it has when I look into what label to send the demos to. I don’t believe in sticking to one thing because there’s too much good music out there to limit myself to only making or playing one style. I’ve got releases coming out throughout this year in many different flavours and labels. And I look to continue that evolution as I grow as a producer. Who knows, maybe eventually I’ll find or develop a sound that I can call my own.

Where do you see you and your music going in the next few years?

I see my sound continuing to evolve with dance music. I feel every time I finish a track or remix there’s something great I’ve learned and it all affects my next project. I’ve been focusing on a live electronica project with a more blues/jazz influence that I would like to put together as something outside of the dance floor. I’m still very much exploring in the studio and just trying to have fun, see what comes out and where that takes me.

Can you tell us who you’ve been listening to recently?

I’ve been obsessed with FKJ, Dunes, Lou Berry and Bink Beats. A lot of soulful stuff outside of the dance floor. On the dance floor I’ve been loving Doubting Thomas, the amazing John Digweed, as always, and Nick Monaco for the disco-oriented grooves.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would just like to thank you guys for taking the time to have a chat with me and a bigger thank you to the Electric Island family for having me for a second year and throwing such an amazing festival in Toronto. It’s truly an honour to be selected amongst so many great DJs in this city.

*Feature Image By: Dead Pixel


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